Chapter 5.9

“What’s wrong Cerulean? What happened to mom?!” I asked

“I don’t know, but we have brought an old friend of mum, she may know what happened!” She said with hope in her eyes.

“Who is she? Is she a doctor?” Skylar added

“Something like that!” She said nervously

I entered the bedroom and I saw a woman, whoever this woman is she must know the answer.

“Hello! Now tell me what happened?” I quickly asked

“Allow me to introduce myself first, I’m Eclipse Azalea Moon old friend of your mother!” She said in a formal tone.

“Great,great! Now what happened!” I yelled!

She hesitated to bring up a single word, then she started. “Your mother was fatally wounded by a gunshot” She said with frown on her face.

Just then Skylar’s phone began to rang.

” Hello? What! I’ll be right there!” He said with a shock on his face.

“Who was that?!” Malibu asked.

“The baby is coming! Sorry Pearl but I gotta go!” He said in a hurry

“Alright you can go!” I yelled.

“Is there anyway?” I asked.

“Yes, but it will cost you up to $400,000!” She said in a scary tone.

“What?! We don’t have that kind of money!” I yelled with anger!

“Wait! Did your mother married a mobster?” She asked.

I nodded, then she said loudly”There is a way Pearl! There’s a way just borrow money from your father!”

“What? My pride will be lost if I grovel to that monster!” I shouted.

“It’s your choice either you take or do the right thing.” She said.

When I returned home, Fuchsia immediately welcomed me home with open arms.

“How did it go?” He asked

I sighed for a moment then I answered back “The family just need a lot of money.”

“But you have that amount of money right?” He asked

I stopped for a moment, my brain rushing with answers. Finally I shook my head.

Then the door slammed with Lavender holding her baby.

“Everyone it’s a boy!” She said with joy!

Everybody was like “Aww look a t the baby” I just pretended to be happy, I have a lot of things on my head that I need to take it off.

I walked out the front door, I tried to not anyone notice me.

“Hey Pearl where are you going?” Lavender asked.

I quickly taught of an excuse “I’m going to take a good old late night walk!” I said with a fake smile.

“That’s good!” She said.

I went to the family graveyard, I just need some advise from my elders.

I saw a shining body with sparkles and I saw the ghost of great grandma Crimson!

” Thank goodness I saw you great grandma I need some advise” I said trying to catch my breathe.

“Whoah slow down hunny, you tell mama Crimson what’s happening in the mortal world” She said.

“Okay, oh by the way nice hairstyle” I said with a fashion accent.

“Thank you dear! She said.

“Now the problem is mom’s fatally wounded and the family dosen’t have the money to pay for her operation” I said in a baby girl way.

“Wait! What happened to all the money my mother-in-law,son and husband saved? Where did they go?! She questioned me.

Honestly that was a hard question, I was scared because if I told her about the MAFIA taking all our money she would go animal style.

“Mom married a mobster and he dumped her because she failed him!” Oops did I just said that?!

“Pearl dear we all make mistakes, my mistake was forcing Flame to go out with that physco-pat Cherry.” She said

“But what am I going to do great grandma?” I said with worrying face.

“Dearest Pearl, have you forgotten what I told you? Do anything to get what you want, let nothing stand in your way! Remember them dear and you will get the money!” She said.

“Your right! And I have the perfect idea!” I said with regaining hope in my face.

“But if you fail you will not be welcomed in the good afterlife until you or your descendants get the money!” She said in a very scary tone.

“Whatever you say great grandma! I said!


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