Chapter 5.9

“What’s wrong Cerulean? What happened to mom?!” I asked

“I don’t know, but we have brought an old friend of mum, she may know what happened!” She said with hope in her eyes.

“Who is she? Is she a doctor?” Skylar added

“Something like that!” She said nervously

I entered the bedroom and I saw a woman, whoever this woman is she must know the answer.

“Hello! Now tell me what happened?” I quickly asked

“Allow me to introduce myself first, I’m Eclipse Azalea Moon old friend of your mother!” She said in a formal tone.

“Great,great! Now what happened!” I yelled!

She hesitated to bring up a single word, then she started. “Your mother was fatally wounded by a gunshot” She said with frown on her face.

Just then Skylar’s phone began to rang.

” Hello? What! I’ll be right there!” He said with a shock on his face.

“Who was that?!” Malibu asked.

“The baby is coming! Sorry Pearl but I gotta go!” He said in a hurry

“Alright you can go!” I yelled.

“Is there anyway?” I asked.

“Yes, but it will cost you up to $400,000!” She said in a scary tone.

“What?! We don’t have that kind of money!” I yelled with anger!

“Wait! Did your mother married a mobster?” She asked.

I nodded, then she said loudly”There is a way Pearl! There’s a way just borrow money from your father!”

“What? My pride will be lost if I grovel to that monster!” I shouted.

“It’s your choice either you take or do the right thing.” She said.

When I returned home, Fuchsia immediately welcomed me home with open arms.

“How did it go?” He asked

I sighed for a moment then I answered back “The family just need a lot of money.”

“But you have that amount of money right?” He asked

I stopped for a moment, my brain rushing with answers. Finally I shook my head.

Then the door slammed with Lavender holding her baby.

“Everyone it’s a boy!” She said with joy!

Everybody was like “Aww look a t the baby” I just pretended to be happy, I have a lot of things on my head that I need to take it off.

I walked out the front door, I tried to not anyone notice me.

“Hey Pearl where are you going?” Lavender asked.

I quickly taught of an excuse “I’m going to take a good old late night walk!” I said with a fake smile.

“That’s good!” She said.

I went to the family graveyard, I just need some advise from my elders.

I saw a shining body with sparkles and I saw the ghost of great grandma Crimson!

” Thank goodness I saw you great grandma I need some advise” I said trying to catch my breathe.

“Whoah slow down hunny, you tell mama Crimson what’s happening in the mortal world” She said.

“Okay, oh by the way nice hairstyle” I said with a fashion accent.

“Thank you dear! She said.

“Now the problem is mom’s fatally wounded and the family dosen’t have the money to pay for her operation” I said in a baby girl way.

“Wait! What happened to all the money my mother-in-law,son and husband saved? Where did they go?! She questioned me.

Honestly that was a hard question, I was scared because if I told her about the MAFIA taking all our money she would go animal style.

“Mom married a mobster and he dumped her because she failed him!” Oops did I just said that?!

“Pearl dear we all make mistakes, my mistake was forcing Flame to go out with that physco-pat Cherry.” She said

“But what am I going to do great grandma?” I said with worrying face.

“Dearest Pearl, have you forgotten what I told you? Do anything to get what you want, let nothing stand in your way! Remember them dear and you will get the money!” She said.

“Your right! And I have the perfect idea!” I said with regaining hope in my face.

“But if you fail you will not be welcomed in the good afterlife until you or your descendants get the money!” She said in a very scary tone.

“Whatever you say great grandma! I said!


Chapter 5.8

Five long exciting years have passed. Well in case you wanna know who called me it was my sister Malibu Bubble, here’s what happened. Since then I haven’t talked to her for the last five years.


“Alright Malibu what’s wrong?!” I asked, She answered back with a loud tone of voice ” How could you marry someone? You promised to us that you will never be tied down to someone!” I paused for a moment and I said back ” I know what I said but Fuchsia is different! I know he is!”

” Ugh, sis do you remember in your teenager years you had at least four boyfriends and then you dump them! What’s the deal big sis?!” She questioned me. ” They were really nice but they weren’t my type! Now stop trying to ruin my happy life!” I shouted at her and I hang up on her.

*************************FLASHBACK ENDS****************************

” Hey hunny, have you settled things with Malibu? ” Fuchsia asked me, ” Nah! I don’t plan to get along with her, unless she apologizes to me” I said to him in a mean girl tone of voice. ” Have you seen Lavender lately? She’s walking very strange lately.” He asked me. ” Oh Fuchsia you worry to much, maybe her back just hurts. He then said ” Still I think you should check her.” I answered  ” Fine I’ll go check her.”

” Whoah what happened to you Lavender, did you put on a little weight this past couple of years?” I asked as I looked at her huge belly. Lavender rolled her eyes and said ” Isn’t it very obvious why I’m wearing this dress? I’m pregnant!” My eyes were was in a state of shock then I asked her ” How long have you been pregnant?” She nodded and said ” Well about 9 months. I had a check up with the doctor yesterday and he said I should expect my baby in a few days.” Then Skylar came up and put his ear near to Lav’s tummy and he said ” OMG! I can’t wait to be a daddy!”

Dawn looks like a little maid in her little outfit don’t you think?

” Hey mom, thanks on deciding my dress, I’m really popular in the school!” She shouted joyfully, ” Your lucky you got a mom who is cool, beautiful!” I said proudly to my daughter. Dawn asked me ” Mom, I got a question, why is auntie Lavender’s tummy big? Is she fat?”  I laughed a moment and I answered her back, ” She’s pregnant sweety, That’s how will your tummy look like when your gonna have kids of your own.”

An unexpected call rang from my phone, ” Hello?” Suddenly Malibu’s voice burst out of the phone. ” Pearl! Pearl! This is really major bad news!” She looked like she was in a panic, she was breathing heavily, ” Calm down Malibu what is happening?” She paused for a while and she said, ” Mom is in the hospital! Go straight to great great grandma’s home!”

Chapter 5.7

Did I forget to mention I’m pregnant! I am so happy yet so bored right now! I seriously can’t do anything fun!

Fuchsia: I can’t wait to see our little miracle enter this world!

Pearl: Me too! Hey do you think it will be a girl or a boy?

Fuchsia: What am I a a person who can see into the future?

Pearl: Oh hunny, I really think you should get a hair cut.

Fuchsia: Hair cuts are for squares baby, I got the idea from Skylar.

Pearl: So he has the same hair as you too?

Fuchsia: Yes!

” Well okay, but don’t blame me if your boss fires you for having long hair.” I said to him and he nodded at me. He soon replied ” Let’s talk baby names” Ugh baby names I don’t have time for that, I quickly taught of a reply and I said ” Well look at the time, see ya hunny!” Besides I have already have name for the baby!

I noticed Lavender was full of energy this day, I think something’s going on with her. ” Lavender why don’t we go to the spa and have massages?” I asked. ” Not now Pearl, I’m currently filled with joy!” She shouted joyfully. ” And why are you filled with joy?” I asked her. ” Does this ring mean anything to you?” She took her left hand and showed me a ring. ” OMG! Your engaged with Skylar right?” I yelled. ” Of course!” She said back.

Just before I can have some fun at the spa I felt a thump, ” Aaaah! This is so painful! This baby must be worth it!” I yelled

I gave birth to a cute girl, I decided to name her Dawn Cerise Neon!

But before I can play with my baby my phone rang. ” Hello, this is Pearl Neon how can I help you?!” I asked. ” You lying dirt bag!” A familiar voice shouted at me on the phone.

Chapter 5.6

Naomi: Hiya Pearl! I know this is a bad time but I can’t attend your wedding.

Pearl: What why?

Naomi: I’m going to enter a reality show for 3 months and after that I’m gonna visit my boyfriend and live with him in a year.

Holli: And I have to go to Champ Les Sims France.

Pearl: Aww! Good luck! You’ll miss out the most greatest wedding of the decade!

Holli: Right!

I seriously needed to change my style. I’m wearing my work uniform so I need some inspiration! “Hmm? I need some blue in my dress!” I said to myself.

Cerulean: Hey Pearl, you look nice!

Pearl: Thanks! So are the tables here?

Cerulean: Ugh! No It’s not! I got a phone call from the Wedding Department and said they called off the materials because the MAFIA forced them to have their materials in their wedding.

Pearl: Rats! So much for the wedding of the decade. Now my wedding is gonna be not stylish not memorable! *pouts*

Cerulean: At least you have a loving man! Oh I forgot I can’t attend your wedding too because I need to go to Sunset Valley immediately!

Pearl: Hmph! It seems you people don’t care for me!

Cerulean: No that’s not true!

Pearl: Forget it! I’m gonna prepare my dress.

Only Skylar and Lavender managed to have time to attend my non glamorous wedding!

After the wedding it seem very quiet until Skylar and Lavender approached us.

Pearl: What’s up with you two?

Lavender: We have have something to tell you guys!

Fuchsia: Well? Spit it out!

Skylar: We’re a couple!

Pearl: OMG! I knew it you guys will work out!

Lavender: We will be going out tonight!

Fuchsia: Have a nice date!

Pearl: Since we got the whole house to ourselves how about we put a sim in the oven!

Fuchsia: You mean a baby right?

Pearl: Duh!

It seem like only yesterday I lived in a smelly apartment, now I live in fabulous house, and I have loving man! Next step have children and regain my family’s fortune back!

Chapter 5.5

Naomi: OMG! Who will leave Simvivor?

Mojo on TV: And with 4 votes and therefore leaving tonight…… Chelsea!

Cerulean: Boo!

Holli: It should have been Larry!

Pearl: Yeah! Holy crap! I’m late! see ya gals!

Skylar: There you are! your 10 minutes late!

Pearl: Gee sorry! Let’s go and get some drink!
Pearl:  And then we kissed and she saw us!

Skylar: Just make sure his sister is good looking, if not sorry sissy but i’m leaving.

Pearl: Oh no! she’s gorgeous! oh there here!

Pearl: *whispers to Skylar* Well? ain’t she pretty?

Fuchsia: Hey Pearl!

Pearl: Hey sweety! how about we go upstairs while you two stay here.

Skylar: Umm? Sounds great.

Lavender: You think so! *cough* i mean sure let’s order some drinks.

Skylar: So, how you doing?

Lavender: Life’s pretty good, oh two sparkle love please.

Skylar: Ugh! I can’t hold it in, your cute you know that?

Lavender: Your cute yourself handsome.

Pearl: Now that were alone we can have some magic.

Fuchsia: Totally! Do you think those 2 will work out?

Pearl: Forget about them.

Fuchsia: But what about them?

Pearl: Shut up and kiss me!

Fuchsia: Oh, i remember i have something for you.

Pearl: Really?

Skylar: This is the best drink i have ever drinked.

Lavender: *Burp* two more please!

Skylar: Make that four! *burp*

He’s surprise was a ring? Oh a wedding ring right! *embarassed laugh* It’s how i always pictured it!

Pearl: Oh you! you gotten all this trouble for me, that’s so sweet!

Fuchsia: So? Yes or No?

Pearl: Of course!

What a magical and romantic evening for us, and soon i’ll be happy and rich, heheheheh but mostly i like being happy. I can’t wait for the wedding.














Chapter 5.4

Pearl: Quick! Sissy i need some pointers to get a guy.

Cerulean: Well what i know from being so close to Skylar back then, is try to be nice at first and when he’s of guard make your move.

Pearl: Thanks! I’ll be home right before Simvivor.

Aaah! The Bistro, so much Neon history is in this place, from great great grandmother signing her name for the SimMaterChef competition to Cherry Blossom getting take cared of.

Lavender: Glad you made it.

Fuchsia: Hey, Pearl my sister is asking you too get your little brother to go a date with her.

Lavender: No, i didn’t say that.

Pearl: Oooh, interesting when did you started to have a crush on him?

Lavender: Well, we were driving along the beach and i saw him, he’s so hot.

Pearl: Sure thing i’ll tell him.

Lavender: Great! Now if you’ll excuse me i’ll get some snacks.

Pearl: Your sister sure is a Diva.

Fuchsia: Ugh! Tell me about it.

Pearl: You know what, she’s lucky.

Fuchsia: And why?

Pearl: Because she has a cool brother.

Fuchsia: Oh! She’s lucky she got a makeover from a beautiful girl.

Pearl: Oh you!

Lavender: Sorry guys there were no snacks le-OMG! This is so perfect!

Pearl: What do you mean this is so perfect?

Lavender: Well i have crush on your brother and you and my brother just kissed.

Fuchsia: So your saying we should go on a double date?

Lavender: Exactly!

Pearl: That’s good! Were are we gonna meet up?

Fuchsia: I know! The Prosper Room!

Pearl: Good! OMG! Simvivor is on 5 mins.

Lavender: It is? Let’s skedaddle!

Pearl: What i’d miss?!

Naomi: Logan and Nathan were planning on getting Rose out.

Cerulean: I’ll kill them!

Holli: Quiet! Were about to know who won the tribal chief.

Mojo on TV: The one who made out the maz e first is….. Rose!

Pearl: Booyah!

Naomi: Yay!

Cerulean: In your face Logan and Nathan!

Will the double date work out or not? Find out next chapter.

Chapter 5.3

Pearl: Hey, look mom’s on Simvivor!

Mojo on Tv: and with 3 votes… Rose Neon.

Cerulean: Phew! Glad she didn’t get the boot.

Pearl: Hey, i heard they finished building the Neon-Wheeler cemetery. Perhaps we could go there tonight.

Cerulean: That’s a great idea! After we finish our work time.

While at work i met 2 a-okay people, and the guy is good looking.

Pearl: Okay, Lavender Lilac, no?

Lavender: That’s my name.

Pearl: Let the fashion begin!

Fuchsia: Can you hurry up! I’m uncomfortable being a guy here.

Lavender: Oh grow up!

Lavender: Well it’s not that bad.

Pearl: Don’t mention it!

Lavender: We should talk more, you me and my brother tomorrow at the bistro?

Pearl: Sure!

Aaah! Nothing more fun than strolling around the family graveyard.

Naomi: Can we go home now!

Holli: This place gives me the creeps even though this is our family’s graveyard.

Pearl: C’mon it’ll be fun, and with luck we can see a ghost.

Naomi: I don’t wanna!

Cerulean: Well i want too!

Pearl: Hey, who’s that?

it was Grandpappy’s sister Amber Neon.

Pearl: Granny Amber what are you doing here?

Amber: Please don’t call me that it makes me feel older, just call me Amber.

Pearl: So Gran Amber what are you doing here.

Amber: I’m just waiting for a family member to rise up.

Pearl: Like her?

Amber: OMG! It’s my mother!

Crimson: Dearest Amber, you look well, and who’s this little girl.

Pearl: I’m Pearl your great grand daughter.

Crimson: My how time flows so fast.

Holli: Man, this place needs some redocrating.

Naomi: Maybe we’ll see someone from the past, like my cat.

Holli: I hardly think your cat will be sent here.

Naomi: He’s family! His name was Mr. Scratch Neon.

Holli: Yeah right!

Crimson: Dear Pearl i leave you this words, Do anything to get what you want, let nothing stand in your way.

Pearl: Thanks great gran.

Crimson: Now go on home. I’ll have a chat with my daughter.

Cerulean: Pearl! C’mon we’ll miss Simvivor.

Great Gran Crimson gave me words that i’ll never forget. If i’m going to regain my family’s honor, ain’t nothing stand in my way.  First step get a rich and loving man,but who? Maybe Lavender’s brother will do? Meh, i’ll just think it tomorrow.



Chapter 5.2

I’m filled with joy! You know why? Because we got evicted from that dump apartment because we didn’t paid the rent! To tell you the truth me and Cerulean planned that from the start. So our 2nd cousins were kind enough to let us stay with them.

Cerulean: Wooh! I’m so glad we left that crap shack.

Pearl: That landowner didn’t see that coming. Hah! and we still have $10,000, who’s laughing now!

In case you guys wanna know, Naomi is the blondie and Holli is the sort of violet hair, i don’t know!

Pearl: Thanks again guys!

Naomi: Don’t mention it!

Holli: I heard you guys are Fashionista’s

Pearl: Yup!

Holli: We demand to be Fashionista’s too!

Naomi: Yeah! Or else we will kick you two out.

Pearl: Whoah! Chill, we’ll take you to work.

Fashion, it’s were i belong! Nothing can defeat me here in this business!

Pearl: Right this way!

Pearl: Okay, yes it’s marvelous! now give me $150,00

Everybody loves me here! Good thing only a few know who my father is, i like it because if people know your a daughter of MAFIA member they will stay away from you. And i think i picked up some French-accent.

Naomi: Pearl! Can you cheer me up!

Pearl: Why?

Naomi: I just re-beautify an old-geezer and he didn’t even gave me a single amount!

Pearl: Oh! Those people are not updated!

Naomi: Thanks Pearl! What’s that noise?

Holli showed the old geezer what a Neon is made of.

Holli: You think your so stylish you ugly pig,well your style is old as time!

Cerulean: Holli were leaving!

Holli: Just a sec! Your an ugly piece of crap!

Cerulean: Bye!

Holli: Wait! I’m coming!

Chapter 5.1

Ugh! Starting from the living in luxury to living in the dump! How humiliating! It’s all my dad’s fault well i don’t consider him my father he left my mom to rott! How could i survive this small ugly apartment?!

In case you cuties don’t know, i’m Pearl Neon heiress to the supposed Neon Fortune. Untill the faithful day when my father left my mom we were broke, mom had to sell all her novels to the MAFIA, We got kicked out of our house and we lived in mom’s old house. My siblings keeps saying i look like my mom and i’m proud of it. She’s my heroine in life, she was a powerful women and still a powerful women.

My little sister feels the same way, Cerulean always complains about our father, and sometimes she said he isn’t even family. But the two of us as thick as thieves, because both of us have the same skin tone and interest while Malibu and Skylar have my mom’s skin tone.


I’ve made a few fortunes by designing clothes of the internet,but i can’t live with just $100,00 a day, it’s time to show this town they have neglected the Neon’s for too long. It’s time to get boots on the ground.

Pearl: Cissy! Come with me! We will take a job in my happiest place in this town!

Cerulean: Sounds good! But do you have a ride?

Pearl: No problemo!

Fortunately my family’s limo is still on our ownership and the driver is an old friend of mine.

Cerulean: This is your favorite place in the city?

Pearl: What? It’s not that bad, we get to design clothes flirt with the husbands of the gals that come here.

Cerulean: Okay, you’ve convince me.

Pearl: Let’s go apply!

Cerulean: Hold up! We better act like fashionable ladies.

Pearl: Your right!

Pearl: And like totally i was like wanna dance like.

Cerulean: Geez! That woman’s language sure is to you.

Pearl: Like not totally Cerulean!

Cerulean: This is our opportunity to regain our name in this city!

Pearl: No! How about we kiss boys and rock n roll!

Cerulean: Meh! Seems cool!

What adventures will Pearl go on to? Follow her journey.

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Pearl Neon

Malibu Bubble

Cerulean Neon

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